Kickoff Call

We start with a kickoff call between you and your dedicated Marketing Executive to gain a full understanding of your social marketing goals

Strategy Planning

We put together a game-plan to make best use of your social marketing budget & achieve your goals. We then share this with you for feedback/approval

Build Your Audiences

We'll build social audiences for your products, services and more so that you're targeting the perfect group of people and demographics to drive sales.

Launch & Optimize

Once your social campaigns & audiences are ready to go, we'll launch your ads! We'll then monitor the results closely and optimize to drive the best results.

Build Campaigns

We build your social campaigns, design your ads, prep your landing pages, refine your conversion funnel and more so you're ready to launch your ads

Analyze & Awesomize

We constantly evaluate the data to make sure you are seeing the results you’re looking for. If not, we make immediate adjustments/improvements



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Get your business listed on the most popular local sites & apps with ease.

We’ll get your business listed on 50+ of the most popular local sites, directories & apps! Do it yourself or have us do it for you.

Your Marketing Executive focuses on driving your business so you can focus on running your business.

View all your listings from one place


Quickly see what listings are live, are possible duplicates, are pending and more from one dashboard. View your listing profile pages on 50+ local directories and apps in one click to see how they look and make real-time improvements.

Here’s a list of things we optimize to help your business listing rank higher on local directories & apps

Core Business Info


We’ll optimize your core business info including business name, categories, contact info, hours of operation, business description, map location, address and more.

Website & Social Sites


We’ll add your website, social media profiles, any company apps you might have and more so people can quickly click to visit your website or social profiles.

Photos & Videos


We’ll add media to your profile such as pictures & videos of your location, team, products and/or services and more so your listing is fully populated and stands out.

Products, Services, Menu


We’ll add all your products, services or your menu including a description and website link (if available) to each for more information!

Coupons & Promotions


We’ll add any coupons or promotions you might have so people are motivated to choose your listing over your competitors!

And More


Plus, we’ll populate and optimize many more directory fields so your listing is as populated as possible and ranks higher than your competitors!