Kickoff Call

We start with a kickoff call between you and your dedicated Marketing Executive to gain a full understanding of your social marketing goals

Strategy Planning

We put together a game-plan to make best use of your social marketing budget & achieve your goals. We then share this with you for feedback/approval

Build Your Audiences

We'll build social audiences for your products, services and more so that you're targeting the perfect group of people and demographics to drive sales.

Launch & Optimize

Once your social campaigns & audiences are ready to go, we'll launch your ads! We'll then monitor the results closely and optimize to drive the best results.

Build Campaigns

We build your social campaigns, design your ads, prep your landing pages, refine your conversion funnel and more so you're ready to launch your ads

Analyze & Awesomize

We constantly evaluate the data to make sure you are seeing the results you’re looking for. If not, we make immediate adjustments/improvements



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Get all analytics, reports, tracking & other important tools you need to win.

SDG360® includes the analytics, reports, call tracking, and other tools you need to make the right decisions & grow your business.

The Marketing Overview report makes it extremely fast and easy to see how your marketing is performing across all your marketing programs and channels. From there, it’s easy to drill down into each program and channel to learn more. Or, you can call, email or text your Marketing Executive at any time with questions.


Here’s a list of popular reports & tools included with the SDG360® base platform

Marketing Overview Report


Get a bird’s eye view of all your different marketing programs and how they are performing from the Marketing Overview report

Conversion Inbox


Track all your conversions (leads, calls, sales) and what marketing program generated them from the Conversion Inbox.

Period Reports


Compare any period to another to see what’s improved and what hasn’t over time with the Period Comparison reports.

Channel Report


The Channel report allows you to quickly compare results by channel, such as, paid, organic, social, referral, direct, email & more.

Source Report


The source report allows you to see results by source and medium, such as Google, Bing, Facebook and thousands of other sources/mediums.

Referral Report


See what sites and apps are driving the most traffic and results to your website with the Referral report.

Search Term Report


Analyze what paid and organic search terms are driving you the most visibility and traffic with the Search Term report.

New vs Returning Report


The New vs Returning report allows you to see how your new website visitors perform compared to your returning visitors.

Conversion Paths


The Conversion Paths report allows you to visually see how each of your marketing channels work together to drive your results.

Page Reports


The Page reports allow you to drill down into your website’s various pages and see what pages are performing the best.

Devices Report


Quickly see how your website performs on different devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile with the Devices report.

Demographics Report


See how your website performs by gender (male and female) and various age ranges with the Demographics report.

Locations Report


See how your website performs for different countries/territories, states/regions, and cities with the Locations report.

And More


Many more reports & tools are included within Marketing 360® to give you and your Marketing Executive the information needed to drive results.